The Ulster Historic Churches Trust (UHCT) was formed in 1995 with the blessing and support of the Leaders of the four main churches in Ireland under the chairmanship of the Reverend Canon Alan Harper. It has eight trustees – appointed by the relevant church bodies – a clerical and lay trustee from the Catholic, Church of Ireland, Methodist and Presbyterian churches.

Current Trustees
Catholic Church - Father Thomas McGlynn P.P.& Dr Evelyn Mullally
Church of Ireland – The Venerable Dr Stephen McBride & Mrs Primrose Wilson
Methodist Church – The Reverend Robin Roddie & Mrs Jennifer Stutt
Presbyterian Church – The Reverend Trevor Williamson & Mrs Jill Kerry
Chairman – Ms Jill Kerry
Hon. Secretary – tbc
Hon Treasurer – Mr Edward Wilson


The Trust is a charity with neither staff nor office but it has hard working trustees! With a wide remit and backing by the four Church leaders, as well as several quality publications, it has established itself as the leading voice on church maintenance in the voluntary sector in Ireland.

Churches of all denominations play a significant role, locally and nationally, in our spiritual, social, educational and community life. They are often the most prominent, ambitious and significant buildings in their locality and their contents are arguably Ireland’s most valuable historic archive. Churches are, by definition, public buildings and are cared for by their congregations but they are also the heritage of their communities.

We will only pass on this precious inheritance, our faith as well as our buildings, to our children and grandchildren if we nurture and maintain them. There is a widespread belief that historic buildings have a fixed lifespan whereas, unless they have intrinsic design or material faults, they can last indefinitely. The proviso is that they must be well maintained and occasional repairs are undertaken as and when required. This is not as difficult as it sounds, it is a concept that has been around for a long time and makes good sound commonsense.

Ulster Historic Churches Trust – a company limited by guarantee. Company number NI029691

UHCT 1.14


The Trust was formed to promote a wider understanding and appreciation of Ulster’s historic churches; to record their architecture; to advise on alternative uses for churches that have become redundant and to disseminate information on church maintenance.


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