• Retain and if necessary restore the original plaster on the walls.
  • Ventilate the building during the week.
  • Keep the church clean and tidy.
  • Use the correct cleaning materials for each particular surface in the church.
  • Keep valuable items and church records in a safe place.
  • Photograph plate, furnishings and stained glass windows.
  • Keep a record of damage and repairs.
  • Remember to keep the heating serviced.
  • Draw up a five year plan for works, bearing in mind that a phased programme ­is better for the building and easier for the parish to finance.
  • Prioritise each task, cost it and put aside the funds for the work.


  • Remove or discard original furniture and artefacts.
  • Remove original lime plaster from walls.
  • Destroy old church records.
  • Ignore security.
  • Forget fire precautions.
  • Ignore stains on plaster.
  • Clean stained glass windows unless under expert supervision.


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